Mrs. Straupersson is a scarecrow "hired" by Principal Tater to be the geography teacher of Finnegan High. She is first seen in Mr. Moth. In Mr. Student, she is shown be supervising the detention room. Although she is not a real person, Slab thinks that she will get mad, but there is no real teacher to supervise the room. In Mr. Candidate, she is shown to have lost her cat. Also, in Mr. Alligator, she proved to be a strict principal after Principal Tater left to wrestle alligators.

Mrs. Straupersson was killed in the episode Mr. Court, where Ivy was put on trial, but when it was revealed she was still alive, Ivy was then arrested, and then Principal Tater mentions that the school has a lot of pet crows that hate Mrs. Straupersson. At the end of the episode, one of the crows comes in, and kills her.