Mr. Roboto
Season 1, Episode 2
Mr young
Production code 103
Orig. air date March 8, 2011 (Canada)
October 2, 2011 (USA)
Written by Tim Long
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Mr. Young"
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"Mr. Roboto" is the second episode of Mr.Young overall, as well as the second episode of the first season.


When Adam's class goes out of control, Rachel tells him to relax because he's "a man, not a machine." Adam gets the idea to create a robot to discipline his class. He names the robot ARTHUR (Automated Robotic Teenager Hippopatomus Umbrella Rainbow). The robot has three directives: 1) Protect Adam, 2) Obey all instructions unless it presents a danger to Adam, and 3) Make toast.

Arthur wanders around the school. Meanwhile, Ivy lines up a bunch of boys so she can choose one to be her fake boyfriend to make Hutch jealous. She sees Arthur and lets him be her fake boyfriend. They agree to have lunch together. Arthur later asks Principal Tater where the cafeteria is, and Tater asks him who he is. He replies he is a new student. Principal Tater finds out Arthur is skilled in sports, and calls for a toast, but Arthur takes it literally and fires toast out of his built in toaster in his butt. Principal Tater asks why he has a butt toaster, and he responds that he is a robot created by Adam. Tater figuratively says he will kill Adam, but Arthur again takes it literally and now "Must Destroy Tater."

Adam and the gang all dress up as Tater, and Arthur gets confused and breaks down. However, in the end it is revealed he is not dead, leading up to the events of Mr. Robot 2.0.


Memorable Quotes


The first episode to show Echo crossdressing (as Principal Tater).

Running Gags

  • Slab throwing donuts.
  • Dang or Rachel saying to Adam if the jam is blood, and he answering that its not, and they telling to him that blood is easier to clean than jam.
  • Arthur wanting to terminate Tater.


  • Derby (as a French guy) wasn't in the line of boys before Ivy see him.
  • Slab and Dang would die when Arthur put them in the hangers.
  • As Mr. Tater enters a locker, he doesn't have a check paper or two tickets. But when Derby tells to him to give him a check and two tickets, he gives him a check and two tickets through the locker' holes.
  • When Mr. Tater falls down, you can see that he falls on the grass. But in the next scene he falls on a line of bikes.
  • In the scene before Adam and Derby watch the disaster Arthur did it, the scene shows Finnegan students entering the school even though the school schedule wasn't finished yet.


  • The title is a reference to Dennis DeYoung' song Mr. Roboto.
  • King Kong- Derby tells to Adam that they are in a King Kong class because he saw Slab trying to destroy the airplane.