Mr. Poet is an episode from the second season of Mr. Young.


A dreamy new poetry teacher, named Mr. Lewis starts work at Finnegan High. Echo joins his poetry class, causing her to leave science. Adam is upset, and decides that he wants to win Echo's heart by making the poetry teacher leave. Taking his sick mom into class, he tries to prove to his students that poetry makes people sick. After that fails, he dresses up as his role model, telling him that he has to move on from Finnegan. But after the poetry teacher decides to rebel, he holds a poetry competition. Adam improvises a poem about how beautiful Echo is. This results in Echo running up to Adam and kissing him. But the poetry teacher is not impressed and leaves. Echo is mad at Adam for making him leave, and stomps away from him.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tater confiscates Slab's backpack. Slab and Derby decide to find 'The Closet of Confiscated Items'. Tater proves that there is no such thing, but he is really just holding its secret.