Mr. Invisible is an episode of the second season of Mr. Young.


Adam creates an invisibility suit, but Derby, Slab, and Tater steal it for their own selfish purposes, such as pranking and ditching Adam's class. But then Adam uses it to spy on Echo and her romantic history presentation. Meanwhile, Dang explains to Principal Tater he must go somewhere else if he wants to leave from his mom, but a simple-minded Principal Tater mistakes it for the fact that Dang wants to invite him to a sleepover, much to his dismay. Principal Tater then proved to be an annoying roommate as he kept asking for milk the way his mother prepared it (he complains with the glasses being too hot, too cold, and too milky), couldn't sleep and asked for a bedtime story (too scary). Tater then got a phone call from his mother, but Dang knocked him out unconscious, and then sends him back to live with his mom forever.


  • The Sword in the Stone - Slab finds a sword in a huge stone, and is unable to pull it. Later on, Echo sees it, and has Derby try to pull it out, to no success. When Adam comes, he successfully pulls it out, then Echo is about to kiss Adam for pulling out the sword, Slab interrupts questioning him about butter (he tried to use butter to help him).