Hi My name is Carl, and your wabin disney chanel. Chicken fart bucket. Hutch Anderson is some random dud who thinks hes cool and randomly shows up at peghan whatever the hell the schools name is.He first appeared in one episode were some kid is somehow a frickin teahcer and this guy randomly shows up. For some reason, this clown likes him, so when the clown asked him out, Hutch laughs at the clown and walks away, thinking hes too good for the clown, but really, hes not even in the clowns league, hes not in anyones league, hes not even in a nerd with no life's league..Hes always with girls for some reason, then hes never seen with them again. I wonder what thats called? He plays pokemon go, and he is shown to have an addiction to it. When girls found this out, no one thought he was cool anymore, and he was tackled off the football team, fired as a life guard, then sunk into the water, and then hutch lived in a tool shed now. Hutch now became into boys, and even the nerds, when slob saw this, he gave him a wedgie then threw him in the trash can. Hutch then had a terrible life. Hutch did not know what to do. So he just kissed every boy and girl in the school and got beat up, then Hutch died. Thats why hes barely in season 3. He is also seen in another episode where hes bald as heck and then some girl think hes ugly and some woman asks him to take out the trash. He is seen in another episode where he loves magnets and he loves them more than he loves playing pokemon go. Then in another episode, he thinks girls will come to him,but they dont. Hes also seen in another episode where he tries to save a bald mans life. Hes also seen in another episode where hes in some play called rimeo and julliet, but he scratches himself then runs away like a little donkey. Hope this helped, and btw, Hutch is portrayed by Bratt Tier.

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