Mr. Spring Break-Diego
Full Name




Eye Color


Hair Color


First Episode

"Mr. Spring Break"

Last Episode

"Mr. Spring Break: Part 2"

Portrayed By

Ryan Ochoa

Diego is the main antagonist of the Mr. Young episode "Mr. Spring Break" (Mr. Summer Vacation).


Diego at first seems like he is a very nice person Echo can relate to, but later he is revealed to be the main antagonist when he reveals his true identity. It is also shown that he shows a deep infatuation with Echo when he kidnaps her and tries to make her his coco queen. He says "Give it a month, you'll get used to it. If not, give it another month." to Echo when she asks to be let go. He is the owner of a fabulous chocalate company

Mr. First ImpressionEdit

He reappears in Mr. First Impression, at first he was unable to develop a relationship with Echo due to her and Adam's constant kissing. But after Adam changed the timeline, by hiding away their lotion, he became Echo's boyfriend and has transferred to Finnegan High with Snake and Miguel.

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